Friday, April 11, 2014


We live pretty much right on the ocean, in case you couldn't tell by all the pictures I post. We're just a two minute walk away from the shore. The other day, at low tide, we were walking along the beach when we spotted loads of starfish in a tide pool! I have never seen such beautiful colors- brilliant red, purple, blue. The girls absolutely loved it and even gently picked one up for a couple seconds before gently placing it back in the water.

I only had my phone with me and the pictures don't do them justice but here they are: 

There are tons of starfish in this last picture but they are kind of hard to see. We are really enjoying exploring here!

Dallen Jon

 ( I thought I posted this last Saturday but I just ended up saving the draft instead so this post is a little late!)

One year ago today, Dallen Jon Sarsfield was born. I was terrified I would be having a baby in the car but thankfully I was rushed into a delivery room as soon as we pulled up to the hospital. It was 4:10am and twelve minutes later our little baby boy was born! It was the scariest and most painful event of my life but he was worth it all.

Dallen is all boy. He growls, affectionately head-butts others, and loves loud noises. He adores his big sisters and contentedly plays along with them. He can army crawl like nobody's business but can also crawl and stand up. We're so happy he's apart of our family!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Too Many Projects!

I keep meaning to do a post about food here in Alaska but I have so many projects right now! Dallen has his first birthday one week from tomorrow! Jess has his birthday five days later. I have a couple of projects I want to do for both of them. I also need to finish my nursery song chart since Jess and I are the nursery leaders (we have five adorable little girls in our class plus one very cute little man, Dallen). And finish a project for Makayla's class. But as soon as I get things more under control, I've got some great posts to write :)

Now time for some random pictures:


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Yet Another Holiday

Makayla has been so excited for St. Patrick's Day. Early in March, she explained to me that her and Naomi were going to make something nice for the leprechaun because everyone else sets traps to try to catch him. She also asked me if I thought he would still come even though we lived in Alaska, which prompted the discussion of how the leprechaun is not Santa.

When I was younger, St. Patrick's Day meant getting pinched by my brothers whether I was wearing green or not. In fact, every day must have been St. Patrick's Day at our house!

But a couple years ago, when my brother and sister-in-law went on vacation, Jess and I watched their three cute kids. And for some crazy reason we did a St. Patrick's Day scavenger hunt (it was so much fun! see below pictures for proof). I just didn't realize that I was setting expectations for the following years.

This year all the leprechaun did for us was make a huge mess in the kitchen and leave a green-colored dessert behind. He did eat all the Lucky Charms that the girls were kind enough to re-package for him though. And now they're counting down the days until the leprechaun visits again.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oh, The Places She's Been

It's Spring Break here next week. And we have no plans to leave the island. In fact, we aren't planning on leaving the island until sometime this fall. 

(And every time I write "the island", I keep feeling like I'm on 'Lost'! "I know because it happened to your sister." Kieron? Stanzi? Anyone? Nevermind.) 

Thankfully, Makayla, who is really our only child old enough to care, is perfectly happy staying here. But we were reminiscing about some of the cool places she's been. This girl's been to nine different states and seven countries other than the U.S.

I realize this is only six countries but I couldn't find a picture from Luxembourg, sadly. 

So while this girl loves to travel, she is also perfectly happy at home. And her favorite memory from visiting all these places? Eating gelato in Italy and trying a hot chocolate in every country we visited. And seeing family, of course!

Friday, March 7, 2014


We cashed in our diaper points and ordered this pink butterfly tunnel for Naomi last year when she finished potty-training (two kids in diapers was not fun). Both girls loved it for awhile and then promptly forgot about it but recently someone else discovered their love for the tunnel...

It may be pink and it may have butterflies but it has provided hours of amusement for this little guy.

Which in turn has inspired his sisters to join in on the action.

The fun came to a temporary halt when Naomi decided to camp out inside and read books. But Dallen quickly found a new source of amusement!

(thank goodness for Aunt Stanzi who sent a play tent for Christmas that came with a small tunnel!)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend Fun

Why does the weekend go by so quickly!? This past weekend we went on a hike near our house. There is a nice gravel path that winds along a small island, the ocean is always in view and it is absolutely gorgeous. It was also really cold!

Dallen spent almost all of the hike asleep.

Afterwards, we did our Saturday swim at the pool. Both Naomi and Makayla really enjoy this. Makayla is a fantastic swimmer and Naomi is pretty fearless with her arm-floaties.

Jess and I watched three eagles soaring over the ocean. These birds are huge! And really cool to watch. Jess managed to snap this picture but we didn't get any of them in flight. 

The best part of the weekend though was our first whale sighting! Jess was doing the dishes (we don't have a dishwasher!) and somehow managed to see the spray of water from a whale surfacing. We got out the binoculars and it was seriously an amazing sight. The pictures we got were not quite so impressive but hopefully we'll get better ones next time.